At Instilling Light we follow an eclectic and collaborative approach to therapy. We believe that it is in relationships that we grow and we are here to provide that support and space to do so. In therapy we will explore the inherent strengths within you, what got you where you are today. We will address barriers to your true happiness, what is preventing you from letting that light shine so that others may see.

Individual Therapy

Through a collaborative and strengths-based approach, we walk alongside you, help provide new perspectives, examine your relationships, help empower you, support you, and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

    Family Therapy

Instilling Light PLLC encourages participation of all family members, when possible. We understand that stronger and more lasting change is likely to happen when interactions and relationships can be observed, each member is heard, and goals are developed together. Our family is our strongest asset in life, and we all need all the support we can get.

    Group Counseling    

Group counseling can provide the opportunity to connect to other individuals on a similar journey, to feel less alone and isolated, and receive validation in your experience.


Linda Stilling, LMFT is an AAMFT Supervisor candidate, eligible for full status in July 2019. She has provided Clinical Supervision in an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic in Indiana for almost 2 years, working with new to seasoned staff, helping to discuss anxiety of first sessions through managing burnout.

She enjoys helping clinicians develop their own styles, explore how their past experiences shape their interactions with clients, and supporting their growth and development.

Supervision can be done in person at our office in Arvada, or over a HIPAA secured platform, such as zoom. Please email for more information and to see if this may be a good fit.